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This is Sony’s feature phone for 2017 and, as you’d expect, it accompanies all the top determinations. Like Sony’s past leader, the Z5 Premium, there’s a 5.5-inch screen with 4K determination and HDR (with a proviso, mind), and a Snapdragon 835 processor that can give match handsets, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S8, HTC U11 and LG G6 a keep running for their cash. 

Be that as it may, where Sony truly needs to emerge is with its camera. The feature highlight is its 960fps moderate movement capacities for sensational recordings. This by a long shot obscurations the moderate movement accessible on different handsets, which regularly beat out at 240fps. Sadly, this by itself isn’t sufficient to make the Xperia XZ Premium emerge in an aggressive group.


  1. 5.5-inch 4K HDR display
  2. Snapdragon 835
  3. 4GB RAM, 64GB storage
  4. USB Type-C
  5. 19-megapixel camera
  6. 960fps slow-mo video
  7. Android 7.1.1
  8. Manufacturer: Sony
  9. Review Price: £649.00


While diverse makers have since quite a while prior continued ahead to twisted edges and balanced corners, Sony has remained with the same mechanical arrangement for its Xperia phones. Put this phone close by the Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6 or as of late revealed HTC U11, and it feels like a relic. 

The thick bezels – top and base – look dated now, especially by the bezel-less Galaxy S8, and leave the Xperia XZ Premium feeling by and large debilitating. You’d be absolved for not despite understanding this is Sony’s latest pioneer. 

There’s a choice of Deep sea Black, which is the model I was sent in for review, and Luminous Chrome, which is super-shimmering and canny. 

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium is likely a champion among the most ungainly phones I’ve held in some time, exacerbated by its tremendous physical size. Attempt to use it one game, and you’ll find the corners dig into your palm adroitly; the most elevated purpose of the screen will be blocked off for anyone without the greatest of hands. Each time I wander into my pocket to grab the phone, my hand is met by a sharp corner. 

Following a large portion of a time of usage, I’ve come to comprehend that the genuine improvement of the phone leaves a significant measure to be longed for. 

Fittingly premium materials have been used here, for instance, glass on the front and back, with Gorilla Glass 5 adding some quality to the screen. Nevertheless, under close examination, I can see piles of littler scale scratches on the front and abundance more on the back. 

The glass raise is incredibly dubious. I’ve lost count of the conditions the phone has a little bit at a time slid off what I expected was an even surface. In fact, even the littlest point will make the phone slide. 

My work zone at home is one of those space-saving flip-up work territories, which I acknowledge isn’t perfectly level when flipped down; the phone has tumbled off it countless conditions. I haven’t encountered such issues with some other handset I’ve used. 

Plan plate tables have furthermore spoken to an issue; the phone even tumbled off the most elevated purpose of a holder on which I’d coolly rested it with no thought. 

The Xperia XZ premium is similarly an exceptional one of a kind finger impression magnet, looking blotched and sleek in every practical sense all the time – unless you fanatically wipe it down. 

The edge of the phone is plastic, which is a sensible move similar to rigidity, yet it feels unobtrusive. You’ll find a volume rocker along the right-hand side nearby a recessed power get that houses a careful one of a kind check scanner in the style of Sony’s past pioneer phones. 

It raced to respond, regardless of the way that not precisely as savvy as the fastest standard front or back extraordinary finger impression scanners, possibly due to having a considerably tinier surface range on which to take a scrutinizing. There isn’t much in it, be that as it may, and I didn’t experience any issues opening the phone – notwithstanding it makes for a more dazzling methodology. 

If you like overview at first information from your lock screen, you may need to get used to crushing the volume catch to wake the screen since pressing the power to get with a selected finger will essentially open the phone, bypassing the lock screen all around. 

Look at the base of the phone and you’ll find a USB-C port for blaming for a 3.5mm jack on the top. There are two schools of thought here, and I’m of the people who believe a headphone jack is better determined to the base of a handset, yet at any rate, wired headphones are a decision here without a connector. 

The Xperia XZ Premium is at any rate IP68 assessed, which implies it can withstand being submerged in water to profundities of 1.5m for 30 minutes, which is reliably a welcome and accommodating segment.


In any case to that exhortation, I’ve as of late determined. While the screen is in certainty a 3840 x 2160 assurance load up, most by a wide margin of the time you’ll be looking upscaled 1080p version of the Android working system. 


You may legitimately be asking concerning why this is the circumstance – and the fitting reaction would be battery life. Rendering 4K assurance each waking minute would totally wreck battery life, so things being what they are you’ll see neighborhood 4K assurance in particular cases: when watching nearby 4K assurance recordings in the pre-presented Sony application, for example. 

Support for 4K assurance close by HDR (10-bit, to boot) is moreover planned to be open through Amazon Prime Video, yet in the midst of testing, I wasn’t served any fitting substance. This was even in the wake of getting my desires up when a notice flew up saying 4K HDR content was available and managing me through how to present the Amazon Prime Video application, which in itself is so far a possibly included process

Regardless, in spite of the way that the Prime Video application had a fragment dedicated to content in 4K and HDR, I could never spur it to stream in anything but1080p and standard dynamic range. Endeavoring to download the substance for separated overview wouldn’t allow me to save in 4K/HDR, in spite of the way that the on-screen incite offered me the choice of “Best” quality where 1 hour of substance would heap on more than 6GB of limit. Despite while picking this, the substance would regardless download at 1080p and truly simply require a segment more than 1GB of storage space. 

Diving into the settings menu and choosing “Best” quality downloads without an induce still didn’t compel 4K downloads. Clearly, it’s up ’til now not precisely arranged. Regardless, the for all intents and purposes odd 807ppi pixel thickness of the screen effectively dealt with parading my own specific 4K, non-HDR content shot on a GoPro Hero 5 Black

Intelligently seeing back old event recordings, the tints flown from the IPS Triluminos 5.5-inch show and recordings looked sharp. As a phone that supports the HDR standard, this suggests a high top-level splendor, which, despite when not demonstrating HDR content, is up ’til now accommodating for detectable quality on a breathtaking day outside

Since Sony hasn’t pulled back from a more general 16:9 edge extent, the Xperia XZ Premium’s show doesn’t need to use dim bars to indicate applications and recordings authentically, which is the circumstance on the LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8.

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