Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 review (android’s expensive iPad killer),techcring


Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 (32GB) is a great example of the world’s most powerful Android slate, “Pro tablet”. Like the Apple 9.7-inch IPad Pro, it’s a tablet that’s worth a laptop, but its mobile operating system holds it back when it comes to productivity. Its savings grace is S-pen, making the Tab S3 brilliant for sketching and note-taking—but that may not be worth $599.99.

We’ve gone down before that road. Android-and iOS’s powerful tablets make great media consumption gadgets, and allow their related styling to sink into production. Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, and other high-end creator titles like Apple and Google Play App Store appear on applications. But they do not have the full functionality of getting you out of Windows. It’s ok when you’re making the least payment compared to similar windows tablet, but once you go to $ 600- $ 800 range, you do not have to compromise.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 : Design

The good news is that Samsung really has a nice design with Galaxy Tab S3. It has high resolution AMOLED display (2,048 x 1,536, which is equivalent to iPad Pro), quad-core 2.2GHz SnapDragon 820, 4GB RAM and 32GB storage.

The display type is that Samsung is proud of staff and with some review: it’s bright and easy to read. However, this is AMOLED, which includes all the locations and drugs involved. Black is really black, contrast is perfectly effective and color coverage is the best.

In my eyes, the AMOLED is always more sensible and the default color mode appears in, the tab S3 is definitely that. Fortunately, for those with sensitive eyes, the choice of different color profiles that can be used in tone things.

Again like the iPad Pro, the Galaxy Tab S3 has four speakers, with an AKG-branded “quad-stereo” array, which automatically detects the orientation you’re holding it in. It sounds OK – streets ahead of anything with only one or two speakers – but a little less crisp than Apple’s equivalents.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3


Where is the clear advantage of the Galaxy Tab S3, it includes S pin. I’m not a fan of Samsung software, but the way the company has worked to make S-Pen more useful is impressive. Yes, you can simply use it as a simple pen with third-party apps such as Microsoft OneNote, but hover the pen close to the edge of the screen and you get a pop-up menu of useful options for note-taking, screenshots and more. It’s well thought-out and genuinely useful.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is a big, slim slab with a glass back. At 9.35 by 6.65 by 0.23 inches (HWD) and 15.1 ounces, it’s slightly thinner and lighter than the 9.7-inch iPad Pro (9.40 by 6.60 by 0.24 inches, 15.4 ounces).

This glass hates me back. It’s very beautiful, but I don’t see the point, instead of breaking the tablet more. After all, the Galaxy Tab S2 is a good metal back, and the iPad line is just fine with the metal. This glass is gorilla glass 4, and it’s not slippery, which is well and good, but it really feels like a potential point of failure.

Both front and rear cameras can be used in portrait mode. Below, a USB-C port supports Qualcomm instant charging 3.0 and 3.5mm headphone jack which is charging and syncing.

The 2,048-by-1,536, the 9.7-inch screen appears identical to the one on the Galaxy Tab S2. These are perfect black and wonderful colors that can only produce AMOLED, and the iPad feels a bit cheaper. Samsung says it supports HDR, but now the only example of HDR is just some streaming videos on Amazon. there just isn’t enough content for this to be a meaningful feature yet.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 :Peformance

The Tab S3 runs Android 7.0 Nouget on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with 4GB of RAM. This Galaxy Tab S3 is more powerful than older tab S2 it has (a Samsung Exynos) is a more powerful, processor chip, and you can mainly see gaming frame rates at: GFXBench on the Manhattan test, the new Tab S3 is 33 FPS where the old one is 7 FPS. Better graphics and processor performance contribute to sooth feelings of the butter to use S Pen in drawing and note-taking applications. Rapid processor performance is not really remarkable for other uses, such as browsers or office apps.

This is, obviously, not stock Android—is it ever?—but Samsung really puts back the bloatware. The redundant web browsers and music players have gone to Google Options. Samsung’s proprietary double-window multitasking still have useful features in it: Quick Connect lets you fling content to TVs and set-top boxes that support it, and you can download a free Kids Mode for parental controls.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Samsung Flow allows you to share content and show notifications from a Samsung phone on the tablet or the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S PC. But as many people are a Tab Pro S, it ends up being much less useful than Apple’s Continuity, as it’s unlikely to work on your desktop.

The Tab S3 we tested is a Wi-Fi-only model, although carriers will sell an LTE version in the future. Wi-Fi performance was absolutely spectacular in testing, especially on the 5GHz band, where I got faster uplink than on the Galaxy Tab S2. The tablet supports dual-band 802.11ac.

The tablet only comes in one memory size, 32GB, of which 18.5GB is free. You can add a microSD card to a slot on the side to provide up to 256GB more storage, but you can’t use Google’s Adoptable Storage to merge that with internal storage.

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