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A year prior watched an exciting move in the diagram for Samsung. Out went taunted plastic and in came Premium materials: glass and metal. The System S6 landed in a reliable level shape and one called “Edge” with a screen with a twisted on the left and right edges. It is this shape the Cosmic framework S7 Edge takes its arrangement from. One alongside the other they look barely any changed isolated from a more prominent screen – 5.5in to the more prepared 5.1in – and the back now has balanced galaxy s7 edge

In the hand, it feels spectacular, significantly more pleasant and less requesting to hold. On the table, doubtlessly an inside and the out made piece of development should. 

The twisted edges and immaterial bezel of the 5.5in phone make the S7 Edge one of the physically most diminutive phablets to date. It is little than various phones with generously humbler screens and is shorter too. It makes it genuinely easy to use, particularly for Apple’s iPhone at least 6s, which feels colossal and unbalanced in the examination. 

For connection, the Universe S7 Edge is 72.6mm wide with its 5.5in screen, which is an unclear width from the Nexus 5X with its more diminutive 5.2in screen, 5.2mm littler than the 5.7in Nexus 6P and 5.3mm littler than 5.5in iPhone at least 6s with a comparative size screen. That an extensive segment of a centimeter has a noteworthy impact in the straightforwardness of managing. 

The screen is the best I’ve anytime seen fitted to a mobile phone. Period. It’s stick sharp with significant blacks and rich tones. It has an uncommon extent of magnificence, taking it from genuinely outstandingly decrease to adequately splendid to find in facilitating sunlight. Samsung’s AMOLED screens have constantly been surprising. The S7 Edge has set another bar. 

S7 Edge is waterproof to IP68 standards meaning 1.5m for 30 minutes in new water. This time, in any case, each one of the ports is open and don’t require fiddly plugs.

samsung galaxy s7 edge


  • Screen: 5.5in Quad HD AMOLED (534ppi)
  • Processor: Octa-core Samsung Exynos 8890 or quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820
  • RAM: 4GB of RAM
  • Storage: 32GB + microSD card
  • Operating system: Android 6.0.1 with TouchWiz
  • Camera: 12MP rear camera with OIS, 5MP front-facing camera
  • Connectivity: LTE, Wi-Fi, NFC, wireless charging, Bluetooth 4.2 and GPS
  • Dimensions: 150.9 x 72.6 x 7.7 mm
  • Weight: 157g

The S7 Edge will be available with two unmistakable processors, dependent upon the country. In the UK and Europe, the phone will go with Samsung’s own specific Exynos 8890 octa-focus processor. 

In the US and diverse districts, the S7 Edge will go with Qualcomm’s most proficient chip, the Snapdragon 820. Benchmarking demonstrates the Snapdragon 820 is abler than the Exynos 8890, particularly its plans control. 

The adjustment used for this overview is a UK variety with an Exynos 8890. The S7 Edge is the snappiest mobile phone I have used to date and flies through program stacking, trading between applications, redirections, and picture get ready easily. 

It will most likely manage anything you can hurl at it. The Snapdragon 820 should perform equivalently. Both have 4GB of Slam, which helps with multitasking.

Long battery and fast charging

The S7 Edge is one of the speediest charging PDAs available and remembers that it doesn’t support the new USB-C connector it has both quick charging and remote charging. 

The reasonably considerable battery charged from 25% to 100% out of 90 minutes through a Qualcomm Fast Charge 2.0 USB control connector, and remotely charged at a rate of 0.5% a minute using a 5W pad consolidated with a touch of Ikea furniture. Using Samsung’s latest remote chargers should be essentially speedier, yet one is barred for the situation. 

The battery life of the S7 Edge was wonderful, easily persevering over a day and a half with no exceptional treatment. Using it as my basic contraption, turning into four hours of music by methods for Bluetooth headphones, scrutinizing and using applications for three hours with a few drive messages and 30 minutes of light gaming, the S7 Edge would see me from 7 am from the primary minute until 7 pm on day two. 

The Edge has Samsung’s new reliably on screen, which demonstrates the time, a timetable of a photograph on the screen when it isn’t adequately being used. Samsung says it’ll use under 1% of the battery an hour. In my testing using the propelled clock decision, the phone dropped just 2% battery in 8 hours overnight, which is to a great degree significant. 

The constantly on the screen shows call and substance see, yet next to no else. I wear a watch, so didn’t feel that it’s useful, yet it should be in a general sense more battery-gainful than continually turning the phone on to check the time. 

The S7 Edge has a microSD card opening for including all the more stockpiling – the landing of a fan best pick – however, Samsung stopped it being a bit of what Google calls “adaptable limit”. It infers the SD card shows up as an alternate volume for securing records, for instance, music or photos, nonetheless, there are confines on what can and can’t be secured on it, not in the slightest degree like when it is gotten as a noteworthy part of the essential stockpiling of the phone

For instance, a few applications can’t be presented on the SD card and a couple of media organizations don’t empower the substance to be secured on it, which implies you’re constrained to using the 32GB of characteristic stockpiling.


Samsung changes the standard Android experience, this time Android 6.0 Marshmallow, with changed programming called TouchWiz. 

The Korean Association has been blamed during the time for convoluting the colossal standard Android with unnecessary components and bloat, backing it off and irritating it, more regrettable. 

TouchWiz is still enthusiastically adjusted on the S7 Edge, in any case, it is never again bloated, which infers it continues running as effortlessly as you’d trust. It has few a gimmicky segments, yet they are not started as is normally done and are sought shelter behind an exploratory menu that methodologies customers for feedback on whether they’re significant. Tuning into purchases is something worth being grateful for

Most of Samsung’s adjustments are awesome: all the more energetic settings, more power-saving modes, wide control over notification including the vitality of the vibration. 

The Up day social news aggregator board on the home screen (which supplanted Flipboard on before Samsung phones) can be killed. I didn’t believe that it’s esteem. 

The S7 Edge goes with a grouping of Facebook and Microsoft applications pre-presented, the bigger piece of which I would present normally regardless. 

The edge programming joins a more broad board over a year back’s S6 Edge. It’s useful for application simple courses or for quickly calling essential contacts, however minimal past that. It can be weakened if you never use it, yet doesn’t go about as a weight

The gaming instruments are extremely profitable. They can record beguilement film, keep sees or gets from irritating play and can confine the mobile phone’s execution to save battery control. You can even utmost a diversion without deferring it, which could be important for those that play amusements, for instance, Conflict of Tribes or equivalent.


samsung galaxy s7 edge

 Samsung’s cameras have been extraordinary consistently, yet the one fitted to the Cosmic framework S7 Edge is superior to. The 12-megapixel sensor produces point by point, rich pictures and focuses so fast you trust it’s broken. Regardless, it is the low-light execution that isolates it from the rest, making a part of the best darken free pictures in poor light of any phone

Given most by far of us take photos in a poor light as a general rule, particularly in dim England, that is basic. The point of convergence has an f-stop of 1.7, making it brisk, furthermore prepared to make stunning close-up pictures with astonishing bokeh impacts darkening out the establishment with fulfilling shades, which is particularly helpful for taking portrayals or pictures of articles. Support picture takers will love it. 

The 5-megapixel selfie camera is barely disappointing. It conveys fragile pictures that need fine detail, even without the distinctive magnificence modes on. Some may find the photos complimenting, conceal defects, yet detonated to full size they’re appallingly fragile for my taste.

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