Nokia 3 Budget Cheap Nokia Smart Phone
Nokia 3 price, specifications, features, comparison

Nokia 3 price, specifications, features, comparison, techcring

Nokia 3 smartphone was launched in February 2017. The phone comes with a 5.00-inch touchscreen display with 720 pixels resolution 1280 pixels.The Nokia 3 is powered by 1.3GHz quad-core MediaTek 6737 processor and comes with 2GB RAM. Phone has 16GB of internal storage which can be increased up to 128GB via micro SD card. As far as the camera is concerned, the Nokia 3 have 8-megapixel primary camera packages and 8-megapixel front shooter for a better selfie.

Nokia 3: Design

Nokia 3 is a reminder of the old windows phone. It is a rectangular shape, which comes with a metal rim. Little round corners and sides are easy to catch the device, and in ordinary Nokia fashion, the phone feels stunning in hands.

It’s a practical design, but it seems a bit slow. I’ve been a fan of Nokia’s approach for high-end devices, but not much in its budget viewpoint. Nokia 3 is small and can be used comfortably in one hand. It’s faster rare, and it’s great to get back to the phone with a 5-inch display. This device is similar to the size of the iPhone 6 / 6S . It feels lighter than those phones, though its construction is the result of the excellent use of plastic.


Nokia 3: Screen

There is a 5-inch panel display on Nokia 3, with 720p resolution and guerilla glass coating. It isn’t great, even for the price – and, again, Nokia isn’t really doing anything here that hasn’t been done before.

Resolution is not really an issue, however, and even though the display isn’t the most pixel-dense panel, it still produces sharp pictures and text. The problem is the way it reproduces colors. To get a sense of this you need only open the app drawer, where the lack of color is present in the icons. Open the Play Store and the green surround is completely off.

Nokia 3: Performance

Performance creates or breaks a budget phone, and it only breaks with Nokia 3. Many corners have been cut here, and though the price is low, if you continue to face continuously, you feel that you have made a lot of payment.

Nokia 3 price, specifications, features, comparison

The culprit is the measly is Media Tek 6737 CPU, which is probably the least powerful processor, you can now search within the phone. Basic tasks such as Chrome have a fixed out process for opening a website or downloading a link to Gmail; I’ve also experienced difficulty importing a photo in the program. More annoying apps are constantly experiencing an accident, and the Facebook system like a classic system-hijack will often need to re-install again to keep them fresh.

The 2GB RAM included in it is essential at an Android phone, and you’ll definitely be able to remember the missed apps and need to reload them very quickly. 16 GB storage is slightly more acceptable, and micro SD slot for bit meat.

Possibly, this is the same story when it comes to gaming, with a long time, constantly fell in considerable amounts of frames and frustration. Candy crush works like basic games, but I will not be worried about demanding that much. I tried to play amusement 2, and it continued to crash; once I got in the game, it was incredible.

I’m less concerned about the gaming performance; After all, you should know what’s going on with a super cheap phone – but I do not think Nokia is cheaper to guarantee 3 daily thought. Genuine world performance was born in the workbench 4 benchmark test, which constantly destroyed.

The speaker is awesome, however, rarely amazing; Call quality and 4G connectivity are fine. GPS proved hungry, often throwing its site on some streets in Google Maps. These are small things that become instantly fatigue, and it is also difficult to forgive in a budget phone.

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