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LG divulged their X line of phones to hit a market that the G arrangement just proved unable. They’re altogether planned on account of a particular utilize case, but at the same time they’re fundamentally more moderate than LG’s leads, and on account of the X Wander, it offers a level of strength that the current year’s G6 can’t coordinate. AT&T is the select transporter of the X Wander, proceeding with the pattern of conveying a rough cell phone for clients that need something that is not canvassed in the delicate glass. Like other rough phones, in any case, there’s dependably a shot that you’re getting a below average ordeal for the fortified outline, so will delve into the LG X Dare to perceive how it holds up.


The LG X Wander scraps conventional thin and smooth phone outline for something that resembles a hybrid of a block and a tank. It’s tough, sort of overwhelming, and is for the most part only an appalling phone. All things considered, in case you’re purchasing the X Wander, that is most likely not going to be a major issue. 

The back of the gadget is reminiscent of the LG V10, which utilized a finished grasp to include assurance and make the gadget less demanding to hold. That is a conspicuous difference between the glass and metal backs that most different phones utilize, yet it pays off for the X Wander .

The edges are adjusted off, yet both sides of the gadget are strengthened with a metal guard expressly to help with drops and spills. It’s not provocative, but rather it gives the telephone a specific utilitarian appeal. On the base of the gadget, you’ll locate a small scale USB charging port and earphone jack, in addition to a solitary mouthpiece.

The left half of the gadget houses the volume rocker, SIM card plate, and activity catch that can be remapped to various capacities. The correct side is the place you’ll discover the power catch.

On the substance of the phone, you’ll locate a physical home catch in the middle of a physical back key and physical multitasking catch. The home caught likewise serves as the phone’s unique mark scanner, proceeding with the pattern of less expensive phones utilizing biometric sensors for security.On the back, you’ll discover the camera focal point and a solitary Drove streak.

Besides being unfathomably impervious to harm from drops, the LG X Wander is additionally totally waterproof (IP68 evaluated, which is superior to your common water resistance for leader phones) so you don’t need to stress over rain, sprinkles, or notwithstanding taking this thing in the pool. 

The plan here was purposely picked for work over the frame, however, it makes for a simple to utilize and simple to hold the telephone, regardless of the possibility that it won’t win any magnificence challenges.


The LG X Wander utilizes a mid-go Snapdragon 400 arrangement CPU, with 4 centers timed at 1.4GHz and 4 low-vitality centers timed at 1.1GHz. Like the vast majority of Qualcomm’s non-leader processors, you pass up a great opportunity for to a great degree top of the line execution yet get some entirely pleasant battery effectiveness and a lower sticker price out of it. 

Swiping through the phone and perusing the web are fair encounters, in spite of the fact that not great. Essential errands aren’t an issue for the X Wander, yet rapidly bouncing around between applications for profitability purposes can gum things up. It’s not excruciating, but rather it’s likewise not charming. 

Gaming execution is likewise really widely appealing so you won’t need to stress over the phone being not able to play anything. You may see some log jam when things get graphically serious, yet generally, everything else is extremely adequate. 

The full HD screen of the X Wander is serviceable, particularly since AT&T is driving it as a media well-disposed gadget with DirecTV inherent. On the show part, they aren’t wrong, yet the gadget ensures a considerable amount in the sound office. It’s not a major issue but rather when you’re discussing media utilization, poor speakers can influence the experience. 

The speakers sound to a great degree thin and tinny while watching recordings, and there’s practically no low end while turning into music. They’ll take care of business, yet in the event that you’re not kidding about utilizing this for
the majority of your video and music, needs will need to put resources into a few (most likely waterproof) earphones to oblige it.


There are a few bargains made in the executive office with the X Wander, however, that pays profits in battery life. The Snapdragon 435 is greatly effective with control utilization, regardless of the possibility that it won’t win a benchmark race with some higher end chips, and that implies you’re never must stress over energizing this thing while you’re out investigating. 

It’s fueled by a gigantic 4,100mAh battery to boot and joining that proficient processor and an enormous battery limit makes for battery life that you’re quite recently not going to discover in another top of the line phones. I had no issue pressing an entire day of utilization out of the phone with juice to save for a moment day, and I’m a truly overwhelming client. I could without much of a stretch see somebody making it onto a third day on a solitary accused in the event that they’re watchful of their use and oversee battery sparing modes suitable.


Cherish it or detest it, LG’s run of the mill programming customizations are digging in for the long haul. I’m not an immense fan, but rather the phone, at any rate, offers a huge amount of customization choices to make it agreeable to pretty much anybody in the event that they change things to their preferring. For this situation, you’ll get Android 7.0 overlaid with LG’s most recent skin and elements that ought to be natural to any individual who’s utilized a current LG gadget. It’s downsized from a couple of years back, however, it’s as yet going to be a stun from anybody originating from vanilla Android. 

It uses some extreme changes of course, in any case, similar to the total expulsion of an application drawer, however, you can bring the application drawer back in the stock launcher by delving into settings, or you can simply snatch an outsider launcher from the Play Store and skirt the greater part of that completely. 

My greatest complaint with LG’s skin is the silly idea of the hues and symbols they jump at the chance to utilize. The pastels and blocky symbols with conflicting ceiling are a stage once more from a portion of the smooth plans that Google has been pushing with Android in general, in spite of the fact that utilizing the applications themselves has become much better. They all stick to Material Outline really well and use Google’s accepted procedures, such as drifting activity catches and swiping boards. 

Discussing, you’ll discover LG renditions of essentially all backbone applications on the X Wander, including instant messages, phone and contacts, notes, clock, music, and others. These all dwell alongside Google’s Play variant of applications and AT&T’s preloaded garbage, which incorporates three DirecTV applications, a lot of AT&T particular applications, Firefox (??), Post, Uber, and the YellowPages application. For the most part run of the mill stuff on the off chance that you’ve utilized any current AT&T gadget. 

LG included an arrangement of valuable applications and administrations to tie into the X Wander’s rough nature called “Open Air Basics,” and that basically does what it sounds like. 

The application opens up with an arrangement of devices you’d find valuable on the off chance that you were, say, outdoors. An indicator will read your rise, there’s an aligned compass for the route, a gadget for climate conditions and an alternate way to toggle your spotlight on and off. Since this is an LG application, it likewise ties into LG Wellbeing and demonstrates your present movement including miles strolled and calories consumed, and offers an alternate route to following an activity in the Wellbeing application. 

By default, this application is hot keyed to the activity catch on the left half of the gadget. Tapping that will consequently raise this menu, and despite the fact that that catch can be changed to fit whatever you need, I believe it’s a fantastically smooth coordination of outline, equipment, and programming.


The X Wander figured out how to astound me two or three times with the nature of shots its camera took, yet general it winds up shooting much like you’d expect a $300 phone. That is not really a terrible thing, particularly since it can nail open air shots in
splendid lighting, which is the place LG suspects potential purchasers will be investing their energy. 

Open air shots are ordinarily never a battle for phone cameras, and despite the fact that the X Wander isn’t generally an exemption, it does exhibit exactly how warm and soaked hues tend to look. It’s not really a decent or awful thing, but rather it helps pictures look all the more outwardly engaging, regardless of the possibility that they aren’t especially precise. You’re most likely not utilizing a $300  phone to take impeccably precise photographs at any rate, so this is a pleasant approach to give some additional fly to a widely appealing shooter. 

With even less light, the pictures still turn out pretty acceptable. 

Sadly, the X Wander doesn’t have the greater part of LG’s insane camera highlights for tweaking your shots, however, there are constantly separate camera applications and photograph editors on the off chance that you truly need to utilize this thing for portable photography.


The LG X Wander isn’t a phone for everybody, but at the same time, it shouldn’t be. On the off chance that you decidedly require the most recent and most noteworthy, this telephone likely won’t be on your radar, however in the event that you’re searching for something that is
balanced and doesn’t cost a lot, you may have a victor. 

The rough plan is a major in addition to for anybody that invests energy outside, yet it can likewise speak to somebody that as often as possible drops their phones or even a child who needn’t bother with an effectively brittle leader gadget. The execution and battery life are adequate, with its exclusive downside being the beneath the normal screen and horrendous speakers. That will distance a few media-substantial clients, yet you need to make exchange offs some place. 

For what it is, the LG X Wander conveys a durable bundle of the plan, equipment, and programming reconciliation, and I’d contend that it makes a superior showing with regards to on that front than even LG’s higher-end G6 did this previous year. It won’t get as much consideration as the G6, yet it absolutely demonstrates to that LG knows generally accepted methods to assemble a phone. 

It’s additionally just $329, or $11 every month, which places it
in a considerably more alluring space to attempt and rival different gadgets on AT&T racks. On the off chance that that is your financial plan and you need something that thinks more about usefulness than a garnish outline, give the X Wander a hard look.

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