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The U Ultra won’t be HTC’s leader for the year, but rather it’s as yet a top of the line gadget you should focus on. The organization promised to change its concentration to premium equipment in 2017, and the U Ultra is only one summit of the Tries. It truly is an excellent gadget with most all that you’d expect out of the leader — effective equipment, an exquisite screen, a vast battery etc.


 To the extent configuration goes, HTC nailed it with the U Ultra. This is definitely a delightful  phone. It arrives in an assortment of   Brilliant Black, Cosmetic Pink, Ice White and Sapphire Blue. The model we got for this audit was the Sapphire Blue assortment and it is an incredible looker. The shading truly seems awesome on this phone, and the reflexive look to it certainly makes it sparkle; be that as it may, it’s not only a gleaming look but rather a vibe, as well. What’s more, that can be somewhat of an issue. 

One thing that is essential to note is exactly how elusive this phone is. In the hand, you can grasp it pretty conventionally, however, set the phone on something with even the smallest edge and it will slide off and hit the floor. All things considered, a case is Incredibly set, and on the off chance that you would prefer not to hiding the phone’s excellence, even a reasonable case will do fine and dandy. 

The U Ultra feels awesome in the hand. It’s agreeable and you truly wouldn’t strain to utilize it. It’s an expensive phone, and along these lines, the most agreeable alternative is utilizing it two-gave, however, you can utilize the greater part of the vital capacities effortlessly only one gave — calling, informing, looking through web-based social networking, and whatever else you ordinarily do. 

The phone is somewhat tall for me, and some of that is on account of you have an auxiliary show. You have your fundamental show and afterward the auxiliary over that, which is like the LG V20 in that it’s a fast access for specific things. 

Catch position is bizarre incidentally. Both the volume rocker and the power catch sit on the correct side of the phone, which typically doesn’t make a difference. The power catch sits beneath the volume rocker, which feels a little irregular when you attempt to achieve it one-gave. It’s awkward, and something that could’ve been comprehended by putting it over the volume rocker. It does, in any case, have a pleasant finished feel to it. 

At the exceptionally base of the phone, you have a speaker grille and the USB-C port. The phone has no earphone jack, yet the U Ultra comes with a couple of USB-C earphones. 

The phone doesn’t have any physical catches on the front either similar to all capacitive, including the home catch, which likewise serves as a unique mark scanner. 

The highest point of the phone is the place the SIM card plate dwells and is the place you can likewise grow capacity with a microSD card. Around the back, you have the camera with double LED blaze and laser self-adjust. 

All things considered, HTC made an amazing showing with regards to with this present telephone’s plan. The U Ultra is excellent and it’s agreeable in the hand besides some unusual catch situation.


With the HTC U Ultra, you’re getting a huge 5.7-inch Super LCD 5 show, bragging a Quad HD (2560×1440) with 513 pixels for each inch. Any individual who gets this phone will be content with the screen. Everything is fresh and clear. Watching recordings or survey pictures is a delight, both due to the size and how fresh it is. 

Content looks sharp and is anything but difficult to peruse. Review points are awesome, as well; nonetheless, I noticed that the U Ultra was hard to see in coordinated daylight, which is something the LG G6 didn’t have an issue with. 


What’s more, obviously, one of the staples of the U Ultra is the auxiliary show. It’s a 2.05-inch (1040×160) ticket for speedy access to things like climate, most loved contacts, and occasions. 

One thing that is significant is that, with the 64GB model, the show is secured with Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5. In any case, in the event that you need much more insurance, get the 128GB model and you get Sapphire gem glass. Its hardness is second just to a precious stone, which means you’re getting an extremely sturdy item in this bigger stockpiling model. 

With respect to the handling bundle, you get the Snapdragon 821 processor and 4GB of RAM. As specified above, you get capacity alternatives of either 64GB or 128GB. The main distinction between these two models is the capacity limit — running with the higher model won’t give you more RAM, as it’s only a level 4GB no matter how you look at it. 

You do get a microSD opening for extending the capacity if what you have isn’t sufficient. The U Ultra has to bolster for up to a 256GB microSD card, so you have a lot of choices in the event that you ever need to download motion pictures or TV shows to your telephone for voyaging and so forth. 

Generally speaking, the phone is amazingly quick. Without a doubt, it doesn’t have the most recent Snapdragon 835 processor (that is likely been put something aside for the HTC U 11), yet the Snapdragon 821 still flies. There’s positively no hang-ups and it’s for all intents and purposes ready to deal with all that you toss at it, even the most requesting of recreations.


The battery is a non-removable 3000mAh unit. You can hope to receive about a day in return, contingent upon what your utilization resembles. It’s truly similar to each other phone in this sense. With direct use and taking it off the charger at a young hour in the morning, I would, in any case, have a not too bad some left before the finish of the work day. Once more, it’s truly a “your mileage may differ” thing. 

It has Quick Charge 3.0 help, so tossing it on the wire for 10 to 15 minutes when you’re getting low should give you a decent charge for another couple of hours. The phone has a power saver on it so you may have the capacity to seek some more squeeze out of it that in case you’re not ready to get to an outlet.


The HTC U Ultra accompanies Android 7.0 Nougat, and on top of that, you have the average Sense UI skin that accompanies HTC telephones. 

HTC Sense truly hasn’t changed. BlinkFeed is still here. Once you’re on the home screen, swipe left and there it is. You can incapacitate it or add substance to it, according to the standard. The application drawer is somewhat extraordinary in that you scroll vertically to experience your applications rather than side-to-side. The unit we got didn’t have excessively bloatware, yet had a few. In any case, on the off chance that you get a model straight from a transporter, it’s feasible that you’ll have all the bearer bloatware to manage, and there’s generally a generous sum there. 

Incorporated with Sense is likewise HTC’s first invasion into AI — the HTC Sense Companion. It felt restricted and broken, sadly. HTC says, that by taking in your conduct, it’s more brilliant than Siri and Google Assistant. On the off chance that you have an occasion coming up and it doesn’t think you have a sufficient charge to endure, it’ll remind you to energize your U Ultra. In any case, all things considered, it’s extremely fundamental. I feel like HTC would’ve been exceptional off working with Google to incorporate Assistant for brilliant, relevant AI as opposed to going off all alone here. 

By and large, the product is decent. Like I stated, Sense hasn’t changed excessively, outwardly. In any case, fortunately, it’s brisk and smooth. In a portion of the prior days, Sense was carriage and had a lot of hang-ups, however, Sense today is smooth as margarine.


The HTC U Ultra comes outfitted with a 12-megapixel raise camera utilizing HTC’s own particular UltraPixel 2 innovation. It has f/1.8 opening, Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), laser self-adjust and a double LED streak.

Truly, photographs look awesome on the U Ultra. I grasped a modest bunch (as found in the exhibition beneath) and they all turned out incredible. In low-light situations, you can see somewhat of a quality drop, however, it’s not all that terrible. I likewise saw that it can get somewhat of a cloudiness, however, this was genuinely uncommon.

The front-confronting camera is in reality exceptionally uncommon for a cell phone. You get a gigantic 16-megapixel snapper. So, you can take some awesome looking selfies from this point, which is something the LG G6 experienced issues with. In this way, on the off chance that you take a ton of selfies, the U Ultra would be ideal for you.
All in all, the Camera application has a large portion of your standard elements — Panorama, moderate movement and a modest bunch of various selfie choices. Additionally recollect that, since this is Sense, you get something many refer to as Zoe. It’s fundamentally a way you can catch a 3-second still — you could nearly consider it making a genuine GIF.


All in all, the U Ultra is an excellent phone. The biggest thing it has against it at this point is HTC’s unwillingness to market its devices properly. The smartphone market is full of fierce competition, and year after year, HTC just seemingly cannot keep up. The U Ultra is a phenomenal phone, but because of this, it’ll, unfortunately, be forgotten in no time and won’t be competing with the big players. HTC really needs to change their approach there, and hopefully, they do by the time the HTC U 11 comes out.

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