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Top-Rated Drones Under $100 | PCMag.com

If you don’t have big bucks to spend on a high-end drone, there are plenty of affordable alternatives. These under-$100 drones earn top marks from Amazon users.

In the last decade or so, drones have quickly become a staple in our society. From high-end security implementations to palm-sized novelty drones flown for fun, it’s hard to deny the appeal of these sleek airborne machines.

Unsurprisingly, online storefronts have been swamped with drones of all shapes, sizes, and prices – far too many for one person to sift through. To help simplify things, we’ve picked a few highly rated drones on Amazon. If you’d rather not spend big bucks on a drone, there are plenty of top-rated quadcopters for under $100 on offer.

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