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Everything Leaving Netflix in December


Fit these movies (and one TV series) in as a gift for yourself once the early shopping is done. Here’s everything Netflix is removing from the streaming service in December.

Netflix definitely has a higher regard for TV shows these days than movies. Even research by shows that the streaming service has 28 percent of the top 250 shows according to ratings on IMDb—double the amount of IMDb top 250 movies.

This month’s list of flicks leaving Netflix doesn’t do much to change that, with north of 40 films taking a powder, but only one TV show—all seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy. Of course, binging a TV show is probably better for Netflix to keep you around than some measly two-hour Hollywood blockbuster.

So as December makes its approach, remember, you only have a few weeks, perhaps even days, before the films listed below are gone. Here’s our top four you shouldn’t miss.

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