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Medical firm debuts internet-connected prosthetic limbs

Hanger, a Texas-based provider of orthotic aids and prosthetic limbs, is testing the world’s first standalone, network-connected prosthetic, with support from telco AT&T’s Foundry innovation laboratory. The prototype was designed to collect data on usage and mobility in near-real time, and connects directly to AT&T’s 4G Long Term Evolution for …

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EU needs clear 5G regulation to guarantee mobile success

The European Union (EU) needs to take firm regulatory action on future 5G mobile networks if its members are to capitalise on the potential of the incoming new standard, according to the GSMA, the mobile industry trade association. The GSMA released the latest regional edition of its Mobile economy report …

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ESN delays are leaching vital funds from UK police forces

The Home Office is paying out £330m a year from the UK’s police budget in order to keep the legacy terrestrial trunked radio (Tetra) emergency services community network up and running in the face of delays to the roll-out of its replacement, the 4G mobile Emergency Services Network (ESN), according …

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Invest to be customer obsessed

Today’s customers look for and buy “experiences”, not simply “products”. If you think of your company as being more about product sales, rather than experiences, that can be daunting. The good news is, digital technology gives you a toolkit to engage your customers in new ways and, at the same …

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Tech Nation startup programme demonstrates richness of UK fintech

Emea Content Editor, Computer Weekly Financial technology (fintech) is providing a market where IT professionals in the finance sector and beyond can find answers to their business challenges through specialist tech startups. UK-based CIOs have the benefit of having these fintech startups on their doorstep. UK government-backed startup network Tech …

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