Monday , November 19 2018
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Fighting a ‘Just War’ in the Age of Drones

As drones enter more military conflict zones, Hollywood is exploring the inherent moral conflicts of remote warfare, from 2014’s Good Kill to this year’s Amazon Video series, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. But how is the military itself approaching the issue? It turns out there’s a whole new field of philosophy …

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Parrot Anafi Review & Rating

Parrot is no stranger to small drones. Its Bebop series is one of our top picks for casual flyers who don’t need a high-powered model with pro features. Its latest effort, the Anafi ($699.99), is smaller than the Bebop 2, but also much more capable. It sports real gimbal stabilization, …

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DJI Mavic Air Review & Rating

DJI’s first real effort to sell drones to the masses wasn’t as rousing a success as you’d expect from the company, which has dominated the marketplace in terms of quality and sales since consumer drones have become a thing. The Spark, released last year, was hamstrung by really short battery …

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How We Test Drones |

A lot of PCMag’s product reviews are heavily reliant on tests performed within the walls of PC Labs, where we use dedicated testing equipment. But those walls are too small for flying drones. So in order to review them, we do the same thing you’d do with drones at home—take …

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Your Drone May Soon Need a License Plate | News & Opinion

The FAA intends to require all drones to have an always-visible government-assigned ID. Ever since affordable drones came to market, regulators have been scratching their heads figuring out how to deal with them. They are small, easy to carry around and deploy anywhere, and just as quick to disappear when …

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